How Poultry Nipples Work

2019-03-09 09:26:30 23

Poultry nipples, sometimes called chicken nipples, are one-way valves that allows water to flow out, but don't allow air or other materials to flow in.  As a result, the chickens water supply can't be contaminated by dirt and droppings.


Poultry nipples operate as follows: 

1. When a chicken pecks at a stem on the bottom of the poultry nipple, it rises up and causes a gap to form between an interior wall of the nipple and the stem. 

2. This allows water to flow around the stem and out through the bottom of the valve. 

3. When a chicken withdraws it's beak, the stem falls, closes the gap between the side wall of the poultry nipple and the stem, and shuts off the flow of water.